Saturday, February 13, 2010


We see at least one stages of our lives, for me I see it alot. It started with a guy acting like a total jack-ass when ever his mates were around because he was insecure, at the time he wasn't very liked in the real world and we all know the easiest way to be accepted is laughther. To some its simple and other its very hard, for him he was in between. So as I was saying the guy got accepted and remained a total jack-ass for bout a year but the jokes got old after repeating them like 5 times (the guy really needed new material). But forget him this is bout try-hards etc. I noticed this after having basically all my classes with them and they were in packs. They came with their stupid try-hard hats and etc. Who ever said those hats are cool were playing a joke or was blind because YOU DON'T LOOK GOOD. But back to the point here, they act like total jack-asses with their pack(s) but when they're not with them they act completely different people, trust me I've seen it in action. In one of my classes there's a guy who's kinda like try-hard is the quietest person in the whole class, he just gets to his work and only talks when he's asking a question. Here's abit of science (sciecne geek here) people are chemicals when certain chemicals get mixed you get a big bang meaning when try-hards are in their packs, but when those chemicals are left untouched nothing happens. So some people are out in front and the rest are two faced but i say we all are two-faced.