Saturday, November 21, 2009

Related pains

We all hav them, COSUINS. Its so hard 2 find a cousin at or around our age these days. We always hav older or younger cosuins. the older 1's u dont mind much BUT the younger 1's r the mightmare, no mater how hard we hide, they always find us. Your're realli hoping to hav a nice peaceful nite, relax a movie after a long tiring day around the city and THEN sainten's children show up on ur doorstep. They come screaming in with paper planes and once they get settled u kno 4 sure u hav experienced hell. They just dont shut up its non-stop talkin and it go in for hours and hours and when u get so sick of it u decide 2 go 2 ur room and go online, they follow and tht is time u realli wished 4 a lock on ur door. B4 u kno it its time 4 them 2 go so u say ur goodbyes and tehn they tell they will b here in a couple of days, well i wont b.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Mean teachers

It all happens to us, we're just carelessly talking to the person next 2 us and then everything goes quiet, u turn around, ms K is giving u the most scariest look u hav ever seen more scary than a fat, sweaty jogger with out a shirt. U feel like they onli pick on u at times and prob its true. Some1 i knew got a detention 4 not doin his/her homework and was told 2 stay back and complete at break. When he/she finished Mr D said to write a letter for y he/she was here coz the person finished 2 early. Sadly Mr D was transferred to a another class and was never seen again and students wondered where the heck is he?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Social groups

In high school we all hav our groups, sport ppl, random ppl, freaks, (not being racist) Asians, nobodies, tough kids, try hards etc. and its important tht these groups DO NOT collide coz they always end the same. The way i kno this is from experience, a normal which they kinda act tough group joined a tough guy group and they stayed wit each 4 a couple of years but when they got 2 high school everything changed. The tough guys now hang out wit girls most of their time and normal which act like tough group broke up and join different groups.
So im warning u, if u go and collide wit another group u would probably break apart somewhere in the future.