Sunday, December 04, 2011

A Day as a Vampire

Vampires are still one of the most biggest things around, from Buffy the kick ass slayer to the hit Vampire Diaries series and there's always a person who wants to become a vampire? Then I was wondering what would it be like being a vampire. All of these movies and tv shows have different types, the twilight version is not my favourite... But I just have to say, it would be so cool just to be a vampire for a day. You could do anything you've wanted ( as a Vampire Dairies vampire) compel anyone to do anything you want, have super strength, super speed and that cool eye thing they do. You could compel yourself onto a plane and just fly everywhere you've ever wanted, see the world, see everything, it would be truly amazing. But the whole living for all of eternity would suck, you would watch everyone you have ever knew slowly grow old and die, I know I couldn't stand to see that. Being alone would be terrible and there would be no end to it. I guess thats why vampires appear to be monsters ( if they existed) sheltered from the world, being alone and of course being treated like one. Turning someone would be a hard decision to make, if you really care for them. Depriving them of having a normal life, a family and of course the sun light, unless you have those fancy day light rings ( reference from Vampire Dairies) .But I see every gift has a curse and every curse has a gift.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

Second Choice

There are people and there are friends, who tend to make their friends feel like second choice is their position in life with them. And I've got a big one, he tends to do it alot, always making me feel like a plastic bag and yes i did quote from katy perry. Everytime when he has a girlfriend or whatever I get treated like trash. And im completly sick of it, this guy was moving schools and at first i was upset but then i thought thank god, he was a pain in my ass when i think bout it but just when im Okay with it his mum changes his mind and lets him stay -.-. Even with theres no other people around he still treats me like crap, he tells people he only sort of knows more stuff then one of his closet friends. I hacked his account as a joke and when i saw a few inboxes i was humiliated of how he thinks of me. I think the only reason he ever wanted to be my friend because it makes him look better, my friends like him more than me for some damn reason. Yet the people at school find him annoying, stupid, fucked up in the head and the people who dont think of him like that either like him for some reason which who knows or doesnt know him. I was talking to my friend while ago and i mentioned his name and shes like who? I gave her a description of him and she had no idea at all. One time when i was first (not with him) over my friends he got upset like a little girl because i got picked for the lst car seat for the trip. I want to make him second choice for no on.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Bitch Drama

We all know girls can be bitches at times, well times have changed, guys can be the bitches also. I've got a friend who takes things a little personal, okay im kidding he takes it alot, hes a spoilt brat who doesnt get his way he gets the claws out. So one day I was a bit of a smartass to J (the guy who takes things personal) and he goes full throtal on the annoying metre, like people for some reason follow him, well his group to be exaclt. And i have way too much pride to give in, then i thought whats a leader without any followers?
This is blogger signing out for now.