Saturday, November 21, 2009

Related pains

We all hav them, COSUINS. Its so hard 2 find a cousin at or around our age these days. We always hav older or younger cosuins. the older 1's u dont mind much BUT the younger 1's r the mightmare, no mater how hard we hide, they always find us. Your're realli hoping to hav a nice peaceful nite, relax a movie after a long tiring day around the city and THEN sainten's children show up on ur doorstep. They come screaming in with paper planes and once they get settled u kno 4 sure u hav experienced hell. They just dont shut up its non-stop talkin and it go in for hours and hours and when u get so sick of it u decide 2 go 2 ur room and go online, they follow and tht is time u realli wished 4 a lock on ur door. B4 u kno it its time 4 them 2 go so u say ur goodbyes and tehn they tell they will b here in a couple of days, well i wont b.

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